why LAGOS?

LAGOS is a port city, the most populous in nigeria and one of the fastest growing in the world. it is the quintessential urban space.

LAGOS began as a reaction to the dominant "foodie" culture, which conflates the enjoyment of food with its intellectual abstraction. 

growing up in nigeria, food described with simple adjectives. food was "good," "tasty," or "bad." and bad meals, a rarity, were also qualified with a similar frankness.

this perspective translates now in how LAGOS chooses to think about dining. 
we believe dining spaces should be just as much about social commentary as they are about food.
wondering why we keep saying "dining spaces" instead of "restaurants?" well, restaurants are obsolete, they have become places to go and talk about nothing but the food, take pictures of the food and ain't nobody got time for that.

does all that sound pretentious? well, we kinda don't give a shit if it does because it's true.

... that ended awkwardly :)



by Tunde Wey, cook/writer/owner

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