LAGOS is a port city, the most populous in nigeria and one of the fastest-growing cities in the world. LAGOS is also a concept that uses food, primarily to interrogate systems of power. underlain is the assumption that power is almost always exploitative.

LAGOS began as my reaction to the dominant/ contemporary food culture which conflates the enjoyment of food with its abstraction. growing up in nigeria, food was described with simple and frank adjectives. it was "good," "tasty," or "bad-" bad meals were a rarity because no one was trying too hard.

this initial perspective continues to evolve how I choose to think about dining in particular and how we organize socially in general. 

today, it is no longer enough to speak about what's on the plate (literally and otherwise) all the while ignoring the socio-political moments leading up to the first bite. we deserve spaces that provide more than superficial context.

from lagos is place to collect all the projects created by ednut yew, i’m kidding my name is spelled tunde wey :)

erm… yeah, that’s about it.