opening up a restaurant is hard work kids, but fear not we're still at it. if you're interested in learning more/ working with us/ investing/ shoot us an email.


we serve mostly* traditional nigerian** food, the sort your mother would cook up-- if your mother was nigerian. our menu features meats and vegetables, slowly stewed with aromatic spices.


*we say mostly, because we're always up for experimenting. we don't believe in fusion anything but we're exploring ways to appropriate eurocentric cuisines :)

**technically, "nigerian cuisine" is a misnomer because "nigeria" was a somewhat arbitrary construct-- like most colonial expansionist adventures are ;)
the constituent regions of nigeria were discreet, albeit fraternal (sometimes not), ethnic enclaves before falling under formal british colonial rule. the result of this patchwork history, at least as pertains to food, is a shared food tradition that is rich and regional with distinct provincial interpretations. damn, that was a smart mouthful.